Ten Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

The landing page is a link between your marketing message and the functionality of your site that allows visitors to take action such as filling out a lead-form or purchasing. It’s basically your first impression to the internet community. It’s difficult to make a first impression in today’s market when there is so much competition. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Don’t let it slip. Spend some time optimizing and testing your landing page. It can be a gateway to your company, providing customers with the information they need to purchase and internal sales information https://bigwin.id

These ten easy tips will help you ensure that your landing page meets customers’ expectations.

1. Are there any barriers to scanning the page? A Pentium I-586 user connected via dial-up should be able to see your landing page quickly and complete its call-to-action. They can they? You can double-check the page appearance using different browsers. Pay particular attention to flash and video, which not only distract but also create additional barriers that the user must overcome.

2. Is it difficult to get off the page?
Make sure your headline is clear. While there is no perfect headline, there are many bad ones. Within seconds of landing on your page, most users will decide whether to stay or go. Your headline must grab the attention of users immediately and make them want to continue reading.
Landing page navigation is different from traditional website navigation. It should be difficult for users to leave the page. Website navigation on landing pages may offer more exit options, which could reduce the conversion rate. To gain more control over the content and interactions of the visitor on the landing page, it is a good idea to eliminate the website navigation.

3. Is there a fold on the page?
Any folds found on your landing pages should be removed. If a fold is necessary, it should not distract from the call-to-action. Keep all important components above and below the fold. It’s fine to have multiple CTAs on one page as long as they are not in the same position as the fold.

4. 4. Are you collecting unnecessary data?
Unfortunately, landing pages are still full of poorly constructed forms that are too long and difficult to read. Keep the user in your mind when designing forms and optimize them to give the best experience. To determine whether the requested information is necessary, you should evaluate each field. Allow:

a) The input cursor to jump to the next field after completion of the current field;
b) The user can tab around fields
c) Fields to be automatically populated whenever possible

5. 5. Is there enough whitespace on the page?
Research shows that white space can improve the user experience and allow key messages to stand out. This should be the case for your landing page. Every element of the landing page should be evaluated for its impact on user conversion rates. You can remove any element that isn’t necessary to convey your message. You may think that more is better. It may seem like more is always better, but if you stop and think about it, isn’t more really better? Do not overload your users.

6. Is there a testimonial section? Is there a link for the Privacy Policy?
Online businesses today need to have the trust of customers and privacy policies. Would you buy an item from a website that didn’t have this information? A landing page can also be a great place for any awards or recognitions.

7. Do you know which button to click?
It should be easy for the user. The buttons must be large, in full color and located above the fold of the page. You can test colors and sizes to find the best ones, but you should take small steps and only test one thing at time. Otherwise, you might not be able to understand why it worked.

8. Is it taking too long to load the page?
Slow loading pages can lead to low conversion rates, poor user experiences, and issues with Google quality score. Check your page’s load time with tools and ensure it takes less that 7.5 seconds.

9. What do you think about the photos used on the page.
Images are the most controversial element on any page. This is especially true for landing pages. You can compare stock images to amateur photography. The image should complement your messages and make the page appear more professional.

10. 10.
It is wise to make sure that search engine spiders are not able to access landing pages you have created with very similar text. You can avoid search engine penalties for duplicate content by making your landing page accessible for indexing. However, you should use robots.txt and a robots meta tag in order to exclude other pages.

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