Confessions of a best makeup artist in bangalore- Flawless Foundation For the Fall

While revising, refilling and updating my mother-in-law’s makeup bag to prepare for autumn, I came upon a fantastic new item for the fall season…

Covergirl/OLAY Pure Ageless Foundation with SPF 22.

It’s a special combination that combines cream foundation with moisturizing! It is the perfect combo for fall.It is easy to apply with moderate coverage (taking off my redness, however I notice my freckles) and all you need is one small amount. It’s easy to blend and disappears totally matte (you can spray with water or toner in case you prefer an edgier look).

To date, I’ve been a fan of mineral foundations for every day use. When my skin and the weather are a little dryer this can cause me feel a little itchy. If you experience this as well, you can try applying an oil-based moisturizer with a moderate amount of mineral foundation. Make sure that the moisturizer is approximately 90% absorbed into the skin before applying your mineral best makeup artist in bangalore. Then, spray it with a mild water or toner to remove that “powdery” look. Sheer Coverage remains my absolute favorite and is fairly accessible nowadays. I like the fact that you can alter the color mix, including either dark or light, depending on the season.

If you’d rather not wear makeup or less coverage, you can consider a tinted moisturizers. Our skin requires something on it to guard our skin from premature aging and environmental damage. Consider a few different cosmetics, you will find a lot to pick from. My absolute favorite remains Laura Mercier. The coverage is great and they’re easy to blend. I use them to shoot photos often, but they allow your skin to be visible.

Need heavier coverage? Super, sensitive skin? Try Cinema Secrets foundation. Full strength . I use it to conceal tattoos. To get a lighter full-coverage, you can dampen the sponge, and it expands to become more liquid and has plenty of pigmentation that can be used to cover.

TIPS for a Flawless Face:

1. Hydrate in the evening, after the skin is renewing itself.

2. Regularly exfoliate, this gets off any dead skin and flakiness, which helps with makeup application.

3. Consider a primer. A silicone-based product that is applied over moisturizers creates a smooth, even surface and foundations will be able to glide across “like butter”.

4. Make sure you go a half shade darker when selecting your foundation color. If your color of your foundation too pale,, it will make you appear tired.

5. Blend foundation! In your ear, over the tips and sides of your face, then down and over your jawline, and then onto your neck. Always blend it out!

6. The less is more, let you natural complexion and freckles come through. If you’re not in a soap opera or in a stage The thick foundation is not recommended.

7. The pigment, based on the flaws in your skin, choose foundation that has coverage. The application can be light, but more pigmentation will provide more coverage (this is the most important thing).

8. Sunscreen. If your makeup has sun protection or is not, you need to protect your skin from any further harm. While summer’s almost almost over make sure you’re wearing SPF.

9. Don’t touch your face. My mother would say this every 5 minutes when I was growing as a child. This is real. The majority of bacteria move from our hands to our faces and can cause breakouts.

10. SMILE. It is the most important thing. Who would notice your flaws when you smile with that glowing smile. Result = Flawless Face!

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